10+ Clueless People Who Don’t Realise We Can See What’s Behind Them

It goes without saying any word that if you plan on taking a selfie then it should be perfect. You should know what is in your surroundings. However, people care more about their own image and not the background. they really do not pay attention to what ever goes on around them.

This can lead to some very awkward situations eventually. Unfortunately, they also stay on the internet forever. There is no way to fix the mistake, unless you delete the picture, of course. Consider this as a warning and unless you are dead, you will always have a reflection.

Dog Turd

So many pictures have been ruined because of dog turd accidentally being on the floor. Although they haven’t been ruined by accidental pee, so that is a plus point. Let us not focus on the empty ramen!

Hide it from the kids!

Well, the look on his face is ironic. He is so interested in watching it.


Before taking a selfie, at least check if someone can see your legs like that in the mirror or not. Maybe hold the phone a little higher?

Bad guy

The guy behind her ruined the picture for sure. Looks like he is glaring at her buttocks.

Old but gold

This picture may be of a very aged man, but it definitely is worth gold. Look at what he is watching. Thank god the smile faces censored it.

Sneaking in

Trying to act like someone is trying to take her surprise bathroom shots. But that is not really the truth.


Does someone else face this issue while trying to click a selfie?

You crazy?

The young man is casually taking a selfie, whereas this old man is looking at him like he is such a creep.

Looks like a burger joint from the face

But when you look back, it is a toilet that he took a picture from.


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