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10 Common Bathroom Habits That Are Ruining Your Health

There are almost 3.2 million bacteria in an ordinary toilet bowl, alone. Doesn’t that sound disgusting? What’s more, with a couple of bad habits all those germs can spread everywhere. And you probably will not even realize it. As a result, you can end up with skin conditions like acne or even an upset stomach. We’ve lined up some of the most common bathroom habits that could be ruining your heath!

1. Putting hair on top of the head while shampooing

A sign that you are not washing your hair properly is that you hair will get tangled while combing. Even if you have used a conditioner. You need to pay attention to whether you pile your hair up on top of your head after shampooing.

What you need to do is to leave your hair in whatever way it falls naturally while shampooing. Don’t massage the rest of your hair and only your scalp.

2. Flushing the toilet while the lid is up

When you flush a toilet when the lid is open, the swirling water is mixed with small particles and sprays it into the air. These germs can get onto your sink, towel and even your toothbrush. Therefore, make it a habit to close the lid while flushing. If you are to forgetful, stick a note to remind yourself!

3. Staying on the toilet for longer than 15 minutes

There are a lot of times when we end up either scrolling through our phones, playing games, reading a book or just sitting on the toilet for too long. According to research, that is the most unhealthy thing you can do. The extra pressure on your veins can produce haemorrhoids and lead to bleeding. You should only use your toilet when it’s really needed. And it’s best not to take any books or your phone in the bathroom.

4. Leaving wet towels in the bathroom

The bathroom is the worst place to keep your towel because of the humidity and bacteria. Take your wet towel with you and hang it on a drying rack. Leaving a towel wet in the bathroom will not only spoil it with the smell of a damp towel, bacteria will also come on it. If you can, change your towel every time after bathing.

5. Using a towel on the face

Even if you have a specific towel for you face, towels have germs and bacteria on them. It can be very dangerous for you skin, especially if you have skin problems. Every time you dry your face with a towel and leave it wet, it becomes the perfect environment for cultivating bacteria. Use disposable towels.

6. Using gadgets in the bathroom

90 percent of people take their gadgets into the toilet. We might clean our hands after using the toilet but the gadgets are barely ever cleaned. Then, we might even take our phone for lunch and leave it on the table. If you get too bored in the bathroom, keep a game there. Even though, that’s also not recommended. But, if you’re willing to wash your game once every while then it might just be fine.

7. Leaving your toothbrush on the counter

There are thousands of bacteria in the bathroom and it isn’t the cleanest area in your house. You won’t want your toothbrush to be attacked with germs and counters are located closest to the bathroom, making it the riskiest zone. Replace your toothbrush every three months and find a place far from the toilet to keep your toothbrush.

8. Missing spots when washing yourself in the shower

Your body is only protected from bacteria and acne when it is clean. We often skip washing our back, bottom of feet, behind the ears and scalp in the shower. Get yourself special brushed for these places so you’re reminded that you need to clean these areas, too.

9. Using loofahs

Using a loofah is only acceptable when it is new. Loofahs scrub dead skin cells which get on the sponge and stay there. Moreover, you leave your loofah in the bathroom after using it. It makes it the perfect moment for bacteria to cultivate.

10. Shaving the bikini area

It is very natural to have hair in the bikini area. However, when we shave, it can damage the skin quite a lot. If you want to keep it clean down there, use razors especially designed for shaving sensitive areas and a good shaving cream. Soap isn’t the best shaving essential for the area. Otherwise, you can always opt for waxing rather than shaving. If you are too scared to do it yourself, get it done from a professional.




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