10+ First Month Vs A Year Later Relationship Comics

People try to make themselves look as good as they can at the start of a relationship. It’s either because they are shy or they’re trying to make their SO feel like it’s the best decision of their life dating them. For example, girls are very reluctant when it comes to going make up free when a relationship is still in its budding phase. They’re even be alright with spending hours cooking their boyfriend’s/husband’s favourite meals or something delicious. What’s more, guys try and show they’re the stronger half. And show that they have trouble getting used to cuddles. The differences are quite many. Relationships tend to change a lot over some time. However, there are some things that still never change. Artist, Alena Sofronova described these differences with her illustrations in the most apt way.

Let’s have a look at what it’s like being in the first month of a relationship vs a year later!

The first month – I’m so in love with you!

After 1 year – I’m so in love with you! Because some things never change!

The first month – Smaller bites

After 1 year – It’s all about showing your love for food getting fat together!

The first month – Turn around I’m shy!

After 1 year – Look what I can do!

The first month – What a nice girl in the photo! Is it your sister?

After 1 year – Who’s this chick in the photo with you?

The first month – It’s so tough I can’t open it.

After 1 year – There’s no woman stronger!

The first month – I cooked this stew with peacock meat and truffles for 10 hours!

After 1 year – I ordered some pizza for dinner!

The first month – Let me warn you, I’m an animal in bed!

After 1 year – I want to cuddle and eat some food.

The first month – Nervousness prevails!

After 1 year – Cuddling every night away!

The first month – I have something special for you.

After 1 year – Wow, did you shave your legs?

The first month – Shaved legs and cocktail dresses!

After 1 year – Sweatpants and a sweatshirt for the win!

The first month – I’d like to have a salad without dressing, please. And a glass of water.

After 1 year – What do you have there? Let me try!


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