10+ Hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality Collages Of Thai Woman Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Instagram is the highlight reel for many, the social platform lets them show off their sexy poses, fancy meals and exotic trips! Compared to what their day looks like – it might leave you feeling that your life is too boring. At the end of the day, these pictures are only showing a small part of their lives. And there are dozens of outtakes behind the exotic Instagram posts. It’s irrational to compare yourself to the unachievable standards. Recently, a model from Thailand, Vienna, gave her followers “behind the scenes” glimpse of a perfect Instagram photo. The photos will resonate with literally everyone online! The reality check will leave you speechless!

Vienna became a model when she was just 19 years old, “I went to Tokyo for a vacation when I had about 10K followers on Twitter. I met a girl there and we ended up taking a photo together while we were walking on the street. After she posted our photo online, her modelling agency contacted me and asked me to work with them.”

She said that she usually used Instagram to document her trips around the world, “I love traveling and photography so I want people to know more about me and all the places I go to.” And for her Instagram Vs. Reality photos she used some used some after effects to edit the “perfect” photos, “On those photos, I used an app called Ulike.”. She wanted to highlight the difference between the side by side photos. She didn’t alter any of the original photos, “However, the “real” ones weren’t manipulated at all, I just used my normal camera. That’s why my face looks super different in them.”

Here are 10+ hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality collages of Thai model which will leave you rolling on the floor laughing!

1. That’s all of us!

Taking a good selfie requires a lot of an effort!

2. Perplexing!

And disgusting.

3. Those brows though!

Makes her look like she’s 80.

4. Mortifying!

And cold.

5. These are equally cute though!

Selfie game strong!

6. Raise your hand if you love boba tea!

*Raises hand*

7. You wouldn’t wanna get at her!

Or not…

8. “How did I ever let these people convince me to go on this ride?”


9. Shrek ears!

Shrek face!

10. Why is the box of juice floating?

If miserable had a face.

11. Yee-haw!

Is that a unicorn or a sea horse?

12. Pretending to sleep vs. actually sleeping.

In this case, pretending in both!

13. Smile for the picture!

Say cheese!

14. All dolled up!

Vs. not so doll like.

15. *Gasps*

That looks delish though!

16. Instagram vs. real life

When the common cold hits!

17. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed time!

Make sure you reach out for the teeth at the back!

18. In public vs. alone

I’d rather be alone with that face.

19. Fantasy vs. reality

When game is life!

20. Spaghetti woes

Slurp, slurp!

21. Thank God for filters!

And hair driers!

22. When your friend splashes water at you.

Time for revenge!

23. Hilarious!

When reality hits you.

24. Pain me like one of your French models!

Or don’t…

25. Iced tea anyone?

Or coffee?

26. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Even if it means using your feet for a selfie.

27. That face when you have to do the laundry later!

That face…

28. When the water is too cold.

Cold, cold, cold!

29. Trying to be cute

How does Mermaid do it?

30. Dammit, pigeon!

Key to good pictures, stay away from birds.



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