10+ Horrible Falls Worth Killing Yourself For

Imagine this, a tree failed in the forest but no one was there to witness it. Or even worse, no one was there to take a picture and post it on the internet. Is it even considered a fail in such a situation?

Luckily, a philosophical explanation is not required for these things. Since the internet is full of it.

Here are a few of such incidents that were captured just at the right time. But surely it must’ve scarred the people for life.

Worst than Humpty Dumpty

He should have been more careful while setting up the eggs in the truck. Well, he must’ve been fired by now, so no point in figuring out what went wrong there.


This one is trying to get very comfortable in the library. Going braless while studying is the best thing ever.

Banner gone wrong

They should have though it through before putting up such an advertisement to attract customers. Not really a good idea now, is it?


Never give up on helping someone, even if it will be worth nothing for them.

Save me

They took the fact that trees are under danger and should be saved quite literally.


It would be better to just go to another coffee shop. Who even has the time to read all of this anyway?


Even windows can be useless sometimes. It isn’t just us humans.

Pooped crisps

If you can’t spell the word then don’t mention it at all.Now this does not sound very appetising does it?

Not pants

Yes, they are not pants. The are pajama bottoms.

Meth in space

Headline news gone wrong, literally.


Talk about being creative.


Hence, never wear pointed heels. Ever.

Such a pro!

This girl is going to grow up t be a pro at this game.

Grade legend

What would the kids have done without this?

Air crash

This is what happens when you don’t take flying school seriously.


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