10+ Moments Where The T-Shirt Was Just Right

Daily fashion has become very famous since the last few decades and people have started dressing up more casual. They wear t-shirts and more casual clothing mostly. Hence, you will even see people wearing graphic t-shirts with a blazer at office meetings.

A lot of times the shirts are plain, a lot of times they are unremarkable. But every now and then, you will see the graphic t-shirt stumbling into a celebrity encounter with a connection between the two.

Although it is a very rare thing to happen, it really does. It is very obvious why the celebrities and the fans want to click a picture instantly. Moreover, commemorate the moment!

Here are some of such moments that are worth cherishing.

Never wear a Patriot t-shirt in front of the Colt’s QB

Even if you have to go meet them, at least wear a t-shirt that is not of the opponent team. We can clearly see who Andrew Luck’s favourite is.


How could you even think of wearing something like that in front of Minnie?

Wish come true!

It worked out pretty well for both of them, or did it not?

Bill Murray would definitely love something like this!

Surely, this picture must be one of his ideas. The best thing would be to get a shirt made of this particular picture as well. He’s going to love it even more.


Who wears a t-shirt with a scene of the Basic Instinct! Secondly, who gets a chance to take a picture with Sharon, wearing it. Only the ones who are lucky enough. Of course!

A picture with Arya Stark

Make sure you wear your best Game of Thrones parody shirt when you do that!


George probably knew he would run into Harrison!

Get over it!

“Some people are gay, get over it”. Ian McKellan’s own concept added to it!



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