10+ Most Embarrassing Beach Fails Of The Year

Everyone loves a fun-filled day at the beach on a hot summer day! There’s nothing that can compare to soaking up the sun and catching some epic waves in your favourite bathing suit. And who doesn’t like frosty cold drinks and snacks to make a day at the beach even better? There is no better way to get some good old-fashioned fun, exercise, laughs and connect with family and friends. It’s the kind of fun you just can’t have indoors.

But, what sucks even more is, if it doesn’t turn out the way you planned it to be.

Jimmy Fallon recently took on Twitter, asking his followers and fans to share their funniest and weirdest experiences at the beach. And the Internet delivered!

We’ve lined up for you the most epic beach fails that range from a few disgusting surprises to the most humiliating experiences. What’s more, the secondhand embarrassment is so embarrassing that it’ll leave you cringing for a while after its over. It might even make you reconsider that beach trip you’ve planned with your friends for the end of the month.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

1. This is what instant karma looks like!

Does it get any nastier than this? Hold tight, because it actually does. So, the next time you find a house key maybe spend a few minutes trying to find the owner!

2. How sad is this?

I guess you just can’t help being a ginger sometimes.

3. 5 hours for what!

Imagine getting bombarded with naked people at the beach.

4. Don’t let you children fall asleep at the beach.

This is what a sand nap looks like.

5. Here’s why you should never pick anything up from the ground and eat it.

Next time you’re craving a cheeto – just buy a packet. It’ll save you from all the scarring for life.

6. 10 feet in 20 minutes.

I don’t think it gets any more embarrassing than this!

7. Tripped and landed face first……

This story is so embarrassing that you’d actually never want to return to that beach again.

8. While at the dog beach……

He should consider himself lucky because it could have been much worse!

9. In hiding for 3 years.

Shocking revelation for daddy dearest!

10. At least somebody had a great time!

Now we know what happens when you drink too much salt water.


Almost a scene out of “Weekend at Bernie’s”!

12. Just spending the day jogging at the beach with an orange suit on.

Chains and handcuffs would’ve been such a dead giveaway!

13. Straight out of a crime scene!

“Is that a sea creature or a dead body?”

14. At least he was honest about it.

Humiliation in front of hundreds of people. BEST. DAY. EVER!

15. Till today, I bet you didn’t even know microscopic jelly fish exist!

Or did you know?

Have you ever had an embarrassing experience at the beach? Let us know in the comments below!


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