10+ Most Embarrassing Moments In People’s Lives

Everybody is a story teller, but sometimes, those stories are not heroic. Instead, they are super embarrassing.

Here are some of them!

Baby Carrot

Someone threw a baby carrot at her neck, which made her flinch. Eventually pulling a muscle in her neck. Now is that a story that one should be telling people openly? A carrot did that, like seriously?


Ball Rolling Off

She broke her foot trying to reach for a ball. Now is that the most embarrassing thing ever to happen someone or not?



Well, soda is heavy, but not so much that you end up throwing your back out. But apparently, for this guy a soda was a hazard for his back.

Attention seeker

She used to apply eye drops in the middle of class, just to grab everyone’s attention. This act gave her a neck spasm. Alas, it did not go very well for her.


When he was 26, he threw out his back when he was folding his socks.

Pinky Finger

This person discoloured his pinky finger while picking up a football rolling towards him. Let that sink in!

Tennis concussion

This girl was playing table tennis and threw out her back. Not just that, she also gave herself a concussion with the paddle while trying to get a topspin on an out of reach, fast ball.

Ripped hair

She ripped her hair by accidentally stepping on it during a back bend.

Wii bowling

His friend broke his foot during a game of Wii bowling. He got so excited that he accidentally kicked a table.

Sharpened pencil

A sharpened pencil in his front pocket wasn’t really a very good idea.

Powerful fat

Everybody just keeps throwing their back out!


He tried bouncing a super ball higher than his friend, which went straight into his eye.


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