10+ People Confess Their Most Embarrassing Acts

Everybody has stories of their own to tell, some are good and some are downright embarrassing. Sadly, all the embarrassing things stay with us for the rest of our lives.

There is no such thing as coming back when it comes to these horrible moments. All you can do is accept them and move forward with your lives! If only time machines existed and you could fix everything, but that doesn’t happen. So yeah!!

Make grammar look like your female friend!

If you do so, you are going to get the job for sure. There are no ifs and buts!

Keep an eye out!

Always remember not to say something like this to a blind person. It is crazy and you will probably never be able to get over how senseless you acted that that very moment.

Thank you!

Hey It is always nice to appreciate, be it a cash machine.


Never sit in a taxi without asking them where they are headed.

Take a homeless girl out for lunch!

If you are lucky, she will pay for you. Or if you are clumsy enough to not keep cash, that would definitely be the situation.

Sneeze and fart!

Couldn’t have been more embarrassing I’m sure!

Run for your lives!

Wait for the other person to finish his sentence next time, even if he is a man in scrubs.

Radio station tapes

Don’t force fart, you will end up shitting. Just like this person who used t make radio tapes with his brother.

Always check who’s sleeping!

If you do that, you will prevent yourself from sleeping in the wrong room’s floor.


Never ask someone where you’ve met them before.

Doctor with Alopecia!

The doctor must have been so offended.


It happened three times. Not just once, thrice! What could be worse?

Expensive dress

What have you come as?

Dead inside

What made you become like that?


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