10+ People Whose Last Drink Went Wrong

A lot of people claim that the sky is the limit. Especially when someone is drunk. Although, we all know what the consequences are when it comes to being brave and careless at the same time. Additionally, drunk people will be cooler if you think about it. They can be an unlimited source of funny and curious situations.

Hence, we urge you to be careful when you plan on drinking. Just to let you know what happens when you don’t, here are some of the consequences that people faced.

Drunk and Honest

This guy stole a bike when he was drunk. But since he was a good man by intentions, he put up posters about it. Isn’t that honesty or what?

Puppy Food Bag

“Our lab puppy got into the food bag last night. $250 later, I️ have this keepsake of his gluttony. No organs — just kibble.”

Crazy Animals

Animals can also become crazy sometimes and hoard on food. Following are the consequences in the list that you can see right next to the puppy.

Epic Night

It must have definitely been a super epic night!

Funny yet productive!

The night was hilarious. But hey! It was productive as well.

Father Daughter Day Out

“Went out drinking with my daughter tonight. Pleased to report I was able to show her how adults have a sensible, restrained evening without going over the top.”


Somebody stole the doors of this car the previous night.

You start loving chocolate when you are drunk!

“My wife swears she wasn’t drunk when she made this order. She hates chocolate and we never play tennis.”

Keep check!

Honestly, there is should be a check on late night purchases to make sure if the person isn’t drunk.

Drunk Shopping!

Here is another episode of drunk shopping.


On their way!


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