10+ Trashy People Who Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Trashy people exist all over the world and they literally are the bane of human existence. If you know what that means. Wherever you look, you find them indulging themselves into things that are stupid, head first and morally questionable as well.

However, these people have one quality that is redeeming is that you feel good about yourself when you look at them. Comparatively, that is. Here are some of the very trashy people who will make you wonder why they are so dumb and boost your self esteem as well.

Trashy or Clever?

We really cannot decide if this was a trashy or a clever move by this person. If you can’t guess what this is. This is a toaster oven attached to an AC, so it can be used as a heater.

BFF Tattoos

Are these really tattoos that should be flaunted out in the open? Well, for them they are! Anyone else, just feel better abut yourself that you are not this crazy.


The question is, isn’t one enough? How does one even get two of these.

Daddy Prefers Dicks

Well, mom really knows how to make daddy feel bad about himself.


Now that is an offensive thing to say about cats!

No Shame!

This lady has no shame, despite being in jail. She is posing for the camera instead of feeling guilty. P.S this is her Facebook profile picture!


People like her exist as well!

Butt Cheeks

Yes, he’s flaunting his butt cheeks out in the public. Surely Subway is a casual place, but at least dress appropriately.



Pretty trashy for this person to stick this on the front mirror of his car.

Trash Cans??

Who needs a trash can when you can clip your nails out of the window?



This packaging is very obscene to be honest!


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