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Belly-Burning Exercises You Can Easily Do While Sitting Down

Do you work in an office and hardly ever get time to workout? Making you hate your job even more, you don’t even get time for yourself. But the good news of doing a desk duty is that you can do some exercises. And they can be done while sitting in your seat. Although sitting for too long can harm your body, exercising definitely won’t.

Here are six exercises that you can do from the comfort of your desk and feel fresh as ever!

Oblique Muscle Strengthening

All the exercises that you will come across after this one are to be done from the chair. But for a greater effect, stand up and do this one. Don’t go too far from the chair though. This will help you in making your glutes muscles strong and burn your waist and belly fat.

Knee to Elbow Lift

This is a very helpful exercise for your waist. It works out your oblique and lower abdominal muscles. However, make sure your knees meet with your opposite elbow to do it correctly. Your upper body should also turn slightly at that moment.

Above the Chair Body Lift

Doing this exercise helps in burning the fat very fast. It makes your shoulder muscles, your belly and your back toned. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can use an arm chair. Although, to avoid any injuries, avoid using a rolling chair.


Bending enables you to burn fat on the belly, hips and the sides.

Body Side Bends and Double Knee Lift

This exercise enables you to shape your waist. The oblique muscles also help in burning the fat from the side of your belly.

Double Knee Lift

In this exercise, all the muscles work gently and effectively at the same time.

Knee to Chest Lift

Helps burn fat, strengthen abdominal muscles and improves digestion as well.


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