Bug Bites That Can Be Easily Identified By Anyone

It is very difficult to avoid getting bit by bugs and insects. The issue gets worse when the weather starts becoming hot. It can also get very hard to find out which insect bit you. Many bites itch, hurt and even swell up. Moreover, many different types of insects are present, which makes it very difficult to identify what has bit you.

But, don’t fret. We have listed some common insect and bug bites for you to help you out.


When a bee stings, you have to remove the sting off from the bitten area. The skin becomes red and swollen mostly and the person feels sharp, burning pain. Severe itching starts after a while. Those who are not allergic should not worry but if you are, you may suffer from breathing problems. That is a serious concern.

The symptoms are the same as that of a bee attack. The area that is stung becomes swollen and red. First there is burning and then the victim feels severe itch. The skin might also have a haemorrhage. A wasp can sting you many times and it may cause an allergic reaction, just like the attack of a bee.


The bite of a mosquito looks like a red spot, which is the size of a berry. They mostly appear in the open areas of the body, where the skin is thin and it is easier to get to the blood vessels. When a mosquito bites, it injects saliva, which makes the blood thinner. The skin becomes red and itchy.



The body develops a red spot as a reaction to a tick bite. The insect stays in the victim for a while and grows bigger by drinking the blood. If the red spot remains even after removing the tick, go visit a doctor.


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