COVID 19 Memes That Would Definitely Cheer You Up

We may be facing many issues and stresses because of the pandemic. But that does not mean we are not humorous anymore. We are still as funny as we were before the virus spread.

While the virus COVID 19 is spreading drastically. A lot of people are making use of the lockdown and social distancing by makes memes. These memes are a great way to bring a smile on people’s faces to be honest!

Here are some of our favourite ones. Scroll through and check them out. It will surely cheer you up.

Wash Your Hands

Well, this is something that many of us did not do before the pandemic. So, this serves as an eye opener for all those nasty people who thought washing their hands is not important.

Stay Together

When the socks think they will be used as an alternative of toilet paper. Well, anything is possible in this pandemic.

Food Baby

Everybody will be fat and ugly after the pandemic. So don’t you worry about looking bad on your first day out after it ends.

Too Much in Hand

Since there are too many toilet rolls and sanitisers stocked up. Why not just use them at home to play games.

Not Worst than War

All of you little kids complaining. Remember that your grandparents have seen war and there was no Netflix and chill for them to pass their time. If this does not make you feel better. What would?

Throwback Thursday

There used to be a time when there were abundant toilet papers in the grocery store isles. Those were the good days.


The winner will get a Purell as a trophy.

Social Distancing

He is the world champion. Bravo!

Leaves for what?

You would not want to put that in your mouth little kuala. Humans can be nasty!


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