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Gadgets That Can Save Your Life Some Day

In the modern world, we all rely on gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. But that is far from the truth. There are some gadgets that your life can depend on and here are some of them.


The Extractor




Pocket Sling Shot



You hardly need any special skills to use this pocket sling shot. You can shoot balls, stones, bolts and what not using this. Just aim at the target, pull it back and release. It is great for small hunting games.

Anti Attach Ring



This is not just any ring, it saves you from assaults and attacks. It is great for women who go out alone on hikes, jogs and walks before sunrise. It helps people successfully fight against attacks that are unexpected.

Float Saver



It consists of an electric engine and a remote, used by ships and coast guard teams. Using the remote control, you can easily guide the person who has fallen to safety and overboard. The developers have plans of adding a multi purpose option to it as well.

Shark Repellent


This device is for surfers and drivers. All you need are clasps and the bracelet to activate it and it will start to emit sound signals. The sounds will make you an unwanted object for sharks.

Alarm Ring

This portable alarm button has the ability to push secretly. The alarm signal is sent to all your close contacts. So all those who have chronic diseases and go out at night, you guys will love this device. On the other hand, the ring is very stylish as well.

Key Ring




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