People Confess The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Ever Done

This is a collection of no. of Confession about their sex life and embarrassing moment that will make you look amazed

This is quite an embarrassing first date. Just think yourself in the shoes of this girl. s Ummm, I don’t think that’s what she was expecting. 

If only this guy gothrough on the whole “you look like my Mother” thing, then that would have been a nice first date. anyone likes to be complimented and kisses — as long as it’s mutual.  


Can you think if she was leaving a piece of food in her bra on purpose? Now THAT would be embarrassing. But when gals wear low-cut shirts, these kinds of things are bound to happen. Honestly, I think it’s more embarrassing (and weird) that her boyfriend ate the fallen food. giving credit to bf At least he laughed at the fallen food and didn’t judge her too harshly.


Oh the fear of asking your crush out… It blows your mind away and prevents you from thinking as a normal human being. And it often makes you say things that end up making you feel extremely embarrassed. ask out to crush don’t care  


Is it good that your parents bond with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) when they first meet? Sure, we all dream about that! But is it okay that they bond so much that they tell your new significant other how they conceived you? I don’t think so! And it gets even stranger, because after this conversation with this person’s parents, their boyfriend tells them that they’ll conceive in the same fashion. Ummm, how about no. 

Stalking isn’t the best thing to do. And so is Facebook stalking. The person who gived this confession on Whisper learned it on their own that this seemingly innocent pastime can turn out to be not so funny. They accidentally liked an old picture of their crush and to avoid getting caught, they had to… delete their Facebook account! 

Now this is SO embarrassing. Just think yourself in the shoes of this Whisper confessor (if you are brave enough to do this). While they were in the supply closet, doing god knows what, they decided it was the right time to grab a piece of food out of their shirt. And in that Motherent in time, their crush walked in on them and caught them in the act. Talk about being mortified! I wonder what they said to their crush to break the ice. Or maybe they just played it cool, grab their supplies, and got the hell out of dodge. I guess we’ll never know, but if one things for sure, it’s that a lot of peoples seem to get food stuck in their shirts. Way more than I realized. 

This girl was having a sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, and then—BAM!—his parents came into the room. And it would be better (it wouldn’t be perfect either, but still better), if it wasn’t the first time they met her. But it was the first time they ever met! How do you even look them in the eye again? 


Why, why is fate so unfair with those who have a crush on someone? Not only do they forget the words while trying to ask their crush out or get caught while taking food out of their cleavage, but they can also ruin a first kiss. But just as fate would have it, a first kiss can never go as planned, and turned out to be a bust. Sneezing isn’t always cute. Sneezing on your crush’s face is even worse. 

ok to her mother? I hope that it was an accident and she actually intended to send it to her boyfriend or girlfriend instead. Because that’s not the most appropriate thing to send to your mother. 


it feels awkward Having an urge to let out gases when you are in a public place isn’t the most pleasant thing. it feels awkward They decided that they should drop a book and let out their gas at the same time. This way anyone heard the sound of the book falling on the floor rather than the sound of their fart. plan procedure followed They didn’t drop the book and did what they wanted to do at the same time… They just attracted the attention of the entire class and then proceeded to fart. Nice. Nice try, bud. it is a bad dream seems to have actual picture report 


always worry about what my significant other’s parents think about me. And I always want my partner to tell them only the good things about me and our relationship. it is a bad dream seems to have actal picture report Like, it’s one thing to talk about smelly feet or other flaws to your significant other, but to tell other peoples? That’s just cold blooded.  Maybe one day this will be funny. Or maybe one day she’ll have that kind of joking banter with her in-laws, but at that point in her relationship, it was a tad too early to be making those kinds of jokes. 

it is a bad dream seems to have actal picture report It’s not only the fact that the girl’s dad put her photos on Facebook and tagged her after going bra shopping with her. It’s also the fact that this girl went bra shopping with her dad. Is it just me or is it weird that he went with her to try on bras? I mean, maybe they’re just way closer than the average father/daughter relationship. 

ll, this is not only embarrassing. This is also extremely funny! Well, it is for anyone, except for this guy who had to run away from the cat that was trying to attack his testicles.  

I know it’s always hard to understand what’s going on in the head of an animal (especially, of a cat). In this situation, I really would like to know why it decided to attack this poor guy’s delicate body parts. 


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