People Reveal the Darkest Family Secrets They Ever Discovered

A Twitter user asked people to reveal their darkest family secrets! And when they did, it was crazy!

Here are all the confessions through Twitter. Sit tight and read them all!

Grandpa Murdered Someone

Although she just deleted what she posted but she clarified that her grandpa murdered someone. He was a psychopath and her dad remembers all of it.

Aunt’s Son

Well, since the aunt died, his dad ended up marrying her sister. Is that weird or is that just fate?

High School Sweetheart

Her grandfather was in the army, so he was always away. Whereas grandma was cheating on him with a long term high school affair. That affair also gave birth to a lot of kids!

Half Sister

One of my sisters is not my real sister and she is actually my half sister. Her mom had her when her parents were separated but they were not divorced.

Badass Genes!

Yup, all the genes are a result of great grand mom, who received the honorary medal after the second world war.


My grandmother’s sister murdered her husband. Well, we don’t know why she did it, but she did.


Grandpa was involved in a three-year long covert operation with the CIA.

Not so much of a secret!

One of their neighbours was a BTK killer and he would also greet their family while being active with the killings.


Re Family Secret

Exes can be crazy and tell you after decades that you are his child with their mom.


Anon’s ancestor was the founding member of white man’s party in Louisiana.


This is the craziest thing one can ever hear to be honest.

Darkest Family Secret

Dad was actually in jail and he lied to everyone that he is gone to take care of his sick great grandmother.


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