Photos That Prove Women Have Super Powers

Science proves, all women have super powers and these powers are not present in men. Women can differentiate between different shades of colour, they have an immune system that is stronger. They are also more empathetic than men.

They also possess unique skills that can detect danger and can effortlessly multitask. This article shows all the pictures that demonstrate the unique skills women have.

We are very excited to share these amazing pictures of women that we found online, demonstrating super powers. You will see women of all kinds, who have the ability to combine femininity, strength, giving birth and break the unbreakable.

Women Can Give Birth!

This is a super power that only women are blessed with.

They are Spider Women

This girl from a small city of West Africa is making climbing a wall look like a stroll in the park. She got these skills from her pet monkey when she was a kid. She has retired now from competitive rock climbing. Though she is continuing to inspire others by her motivational speeches and seminars.


It is proven scientifically that women can multitask better than men. Putting on makeup while feeding a baby is one of the examples!

A Commander and Mother

Eileen Collins is the first female pilot and commander of a space shuttle. She is also a mother of two kids!

They Recycle

Nadia initiated picking up trash on her way from school and she collected two recycling bins worth of plastic in a short span of time. She is a true superhero.

They’re Beautiful

Women are beautiful inside out!

Record Breakers

Ann Daniels is proof that women can get whatever they wish for. She is the first woman to reach the North and South pole in history.

Good at Crashing Cars and Games

Well, it is the truth!




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