Spot The Disturbing Detail In This Photograph! Can You?

I was just casually browsing through a site and came across a challenge. There was a picture posted with the title,

“It took me forever to find out what’s wrong here.”

Naturally everyone gets curious when they come across something like this. So did I. Hence it was decided that I would try to figure it out. But a person like me who forgets where she kept her purse. Am I qualified enough to figure it out? Let’s find out!

Can you guess it?

This was the picture in the question.

I honestly thought that they were trying to show that the girl in the turquoise shorts was putting out her buttocks too much. But no, that was not the thing.

Did you guys figure it out? Keep looking!


At least try…

The hint is to make an eye contact at least and keep trying.

Not with the girls though!

Okay! Let’s reveal the biggest secret!

Drum rolls…

All the men in the back have been photoshopped.

Look closely, they all have the exact same face! Crazy isn’t it? Well, that was the competition.

If you were crazy like the person who did this, you would have guessed it straight up! Try again next time. Using a different picture, of course!


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