Texts That Break All The Boundaries of Common Sense

There may be several moments when texts can outshine even the number one movie of all time. Their sudden twists and plots do that. For instance, how would you react if your kid walks up to you and says he wants to quit college? Although the mom in the texts should be applauded for her response.

We have piled up many of such situations, admiring all those with a witty and cool sense of humour. Keep scrolling to read the admirable text conversations.

Sugar Waxed

Specify what you mean by sugar waxed, in case your friend doesn’t know what it is.

Hey handsome!

If the former does not work, try the latter. It should work!

Spanish and Groaning

Learn how to speak two languages at least. Make sure you achieve the goal before you turn twenty.

Successful Experiment

Just for the fun of it? Carry on.

Iced coffee in November

Compare your love to iced coffee in November if you don’t know what else to say.

Any faults?

Yes, I do.

Tea and Coffee

If the iced latte part does not work, explain the difference between tea and coffee. It should work.


An addicted to sausages Kookaburra, which is too fat and cannot fly.


Drugs that look like rhinos are not drugs.

Don’t forget next time!

Memorise the right answer for next time. So, that you don’t forget what to say when you are talking to them.

Eating, duh!

What else do you expect a woman to do at 10 in the evening?


Call her whatever that rhymes with Catherina. Just like her husband does.

Relationship advice 101!

If you don’t ever want your ex to leave you, try this.

Tomatoes in Big Mac

Big Mac matters more, so quitting college will never be on top of the list.


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