The 13 Most Terrifying Medieval Means Of Torture Used In The Past

As history proves, the human brain is capable of inventing incredible things that can sometimes be terrifying. Unfortunately, the human being does not always use his brain in the right way and has proven over the past centuries that he is capable of creating appalling torture machines. Here is the list of the most terrifying means of torture used in the past.

1. Water torture

The condemned man was tied up and his executioners forced him to drink huge amounts of water, which caused the bursting of blood cells, internal bleeding, etc.

2. The infernal wheel

On this wheel the victims were tied up on a spinning wheel. The victim was burned alive at the same time. Then the condemned man was left alive on the wheel until insects and birds devour him.

3. The knee crusher

On this machine, the victim’s knees were placed between very sharp spikes. These were intended to crush the knees of the condemned and dismember him until death ensued.

The victims were placed on a triangular piece of wood. They were also fitted with ankle weights which pulled them down causing significant tearing. Generally, the victim ended up losing half of their body.

5. The Breastbreaker

The breast tear was used to mutilate and tear women’s breasts. The instrument was first heated before being used on the victim’s breasts.

The Roman bed was an instrument of torture used during the War of Inquisition. The condemned were lying on their backs, wrists and ankles tied to ropes. These were then pulled in opposite directions causing the limbs to separate from the victim.

This machine equipped with a screw at the top has terrorized many people during the last centuries. Indeed, the executioner turned the screw until the jaw and the skull of the victim placed below the dome broke.

The victims were seated naked at the top of the pyramid, held in place by ropes before gradually descending onto the pyramid. In this way, the tip of the pyramid slowly and painfully entered their anus. This invention was used during the Spanish War of Inquisition.

This terrible instrument of torture looked like this. The victim was lying down with all the members of his body tied by a rope. Then, logs began to rotate in the opposite direction in order to cause joint dislocations and major fractures.

The spicy chair was mainly used for interrogation. The victim sat on a chair, put his arms on the armrests and the executioner tightened the ties as he went along, also heating the throne with a flame. In this way, the heat softened the flesh of the condemned man to allow the tips to enter the skin more easily.

This forceps was used only against men and was used to rap the skin of their penis. It is easy to imagine the pain endured by those convicted of torture.

The cat’s paw was used to extract human flesh directly from the bones. However, most of the victims would die from infections due to the considerable lack of hygiene in this instrument of torture.

The crocodile tunnel was an instrument of torture that worked in the following way. One of the victim’s body members accompanied by his head was placed in a hole which was then heated using a flame. This instrument caused multiple burns which generally led to the death of the condemned man.


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