The 30 Most Beautiful Nail Art For All Occasions

The most beautiful nail art to show off on any occasion, from the most elegant to the most casual.

We know, we women are (almost) always very undecided. We find ourselves in front of a wardrobe that is teeming with clothes, but we punctually come out with the much hated phrase: “I don’t know what to put”!

Here, I am part of that large slice of women who do not know what to wear, how to do their hair or what color of nail polish to choose. So, your appointment at the beautician is approaching but you have no idea which new nail art to focus on?

For this reason I decided to create a gallery with the most beautiful nail art from which to take inspiration . And I’m sure it will make your life easier – at least for the choice of nail color!


Among the  trends for the 2019 summer season we find a lot of color and many different patterns .

The most popular are the rainbow nails , which create a different color scale on each finger to obtain the gradient manicure effect .

Even the fluorescent colors have found their place among the most chosen nail art . The fluorescent colors, in addition to being beautiful to look at, create a beautiful light spot on tanned hands.

Finally, what could be more appropriate than the bright and colorful nail art that recalls the elements of summer? We are talking about patterns with fruit symbols or patterns inspired by the sun , the sea and marine symbols .

In summary, choosing a cheerful manicure with bright colors or pastel colors, you will be on the safe side. If, on the other hand, you cannot do without darker colors even in summer, such as burgundy or the elegant black , here are some ideas from which you can take inspiration.



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