The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation? Here are some of the most embarrassing moments ever!

Fart in Public

Farting in public can be one of the most embarrassing things happening to someone, unintentionally of course. Although we know some people who happily walk away from it. Farting in an assembly during school is the worst because you cannot run away from it either. And you can’t even blame others because it is that obvious, unless without sound.

“Mom, Sorry, Teacher”

Surely, we all must have called our teachers mum in class once in our lifetimes.

Toilet Roll Stuck to Your Shoe

When you do not notice the toilet paper roll stuck to your shoe. It is worse than toilet paper being stuck to your underpants.

Falling Over!

It’s hard to miss this one, because you really cannot pretend that it did not happen to you. But you don’t even know whether you should laugh or cry about it.

That’s a stranger you’re waving at

It’s worse when the strangers decide to wave back.

Wind blowing your skirt!

This can be super embarrassing. Like should you ask them their name or wait for someone else to call them out, so you could hear that.

Pen mark on your face!

That’s a new makeup hack girl!

Low on Cash!

When you’re too broke but you still decide to eat out. That’s what happens.

The flush is broken, sorry!

Sometimes it’s just too hard to hold the number two in. But you’re in a public restroom and it does not flush out, with many waiting outside in a queue. In such a situation, just hide your face and run.

Texting your ex by accident!

OMG! Worst thing ever.

Wrong Chat

When you accidentally ‘bitch’ about someone on the wrong group.

Stalker Alert!

Here is what is know.



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