These Perfectly Timed Photos Are Definitely A Thing of Beauty!

We all have faced moments in our lives that go wrong, and they are also very horrible at the sam e time. Whether it is falling off the stairs in front of a crowd, dropping you siblings on their head, spilling the whole tray of tea in front of the guests. Or having the most unfortunate run with a dog on the streets. All of these would make you want to kill yourself because they are awful moments you never want to recall. But, what if someone captures these moments in camera? Then, they are known as perfectly timed photos. Unless they are one of those dark photos that do not let you sleep peacefully at night. However, the good ones captured on film can be revisited again and again!

So, here are some of such photos that were taken at the right time!

The statue that lived!

Kids literally believe anything that you say to them and that is exactly what is happening in this picture!

Not photoshopped

The flash went off and gave this natural effect!

Do they bite?

I think this lady does not know what the hazard of taking such pictures is.

Too bad!

Never eat ice-cream at the beach? Unless you want such perfect pictures!

The sky is falling!

They’ll always regret this picture.


Yup, she definitely looks possessed.

Candle effect!

Her hair went on fire when she was trying to blow off the candles. It happened a couple of years ago.

Fast and furious!

This is one fast frog that is trying to get away from this person’s hands.


Hope the dog did not hurt itself very badly. For the good part, at least it was a picture worth capturing.

When she almost dropped her sibling!

They will always remember this shot.

Lift them up!

Looks like he is trying to lift them up like hangers!








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